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About us

About us

Izola UAB was founded on 16 December 1992.

The production was launched on 3 January 1993.

The main areas of activity of the company are the installation and repair of energy boilers with refractory masonry. This includes: anti-corrosive coatings of metal structures, tanks, technical installations of thermal insulation. Insulation of buildings. Hazardous waste collection and management.

The main customers – Lithuanian and foreign energy enterprises.

Currently the company employs over 50 employees, including experienced engineers and highly skilled certified professionals.

Certificates issued by the Ministry of the Environment and the State Energy Inspectorate entitle the company to work in energy and other economic facilities of Lithuania.


The company’s vision is to help companies minimise energy consumption and rationally use our resources.

The company’s mission is to provide complex services and unique technological solutions in Lithuania and abroad in a responsible and professional manner.


Company’s principles:

The company’s strategy is to increase the company’s recognisability and to expand competitiveness in its business.