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Protective network for thermal insulating layer, ATATMIX AT (GP) CS IV




Statmix AT is fully ready, eco-friendly plaster of cement binder, fine filler, synthetic and organic additives for the thermal insulating layer coating of a variety of heating boilers, kilns, heat pipes and other thermal units, protecting them from mechanical damage and atmospheric effects. It is used for exterior and interior applications. The surface can be painted. It can be used as binder for thermal insulating concrete.



Statmix AT is mixed with water, it is recommended to use 2.4-2.6 litres/10 kg of plaster, and left to cure for 10 minutes. The mixture can used again, adding water if necessary. The plaster must be used within 2 hours.



The plaster is coated on isolated surfaces, which have already been reinforced with a steel net (there must be no slack between the wool and wire mesh). The coated surface must be clean and free of dust (when fixing earlier plastered surfaces, remove the chippings of the old plaster and prepare the old plaster edges). During work, the device must not be in operation. The plastered surface temperature must not exceed 25 °C.



Depending on the plaster surface, there are several possible options for plastering:


  1. Primary plastering. After this layer dries, a secondary plastering nay be added (up to 10 mm thickness).
  2. The plaster is rubbed into the net and then the surface is levelled with a trough. The permissible layer thickness of one plastering is 20-30 mm. To create a thicker layer of plaster, it is recommended to wait until the primary layer is cured (4-5 hours).


DILUTION: 4.8 to 5.2 litres/20 kg.

AMOUNT REQUIRED: for installation of a continuous 10 mm thickness 12-14 kg/m2.

OPERATING TEMPERATURE range from + 5 °C to + 30 °C.

EXTREME TEMPERATURES from -35 °C to + 100 °C.

USAGE (2-4 kg/m2).



WARNING: Protect the eyes and the skin. Wear gloves during work. Keep away from children.


EXPIRY DATE: 6 months from the date of manufacture, while storing the product in its original packaging, at minimum + 50 °C, in a dry place.